Surgical Menopause – Not Your Typical Menopause

I feel so privileged to be part of this wonderful new book – Surgical Menopause #NYTM @SurMenoNYTM edited by the brilliant Helen Kemp

It is to be published around the 8th April 2021 but my preview copy arrived in the post recently and is such a great resource for those contemplating a surgical menopause, post-surgery and beyond, as I see many women suffering symptoms at the Menopause Café’s I host, in Aura Homoeopathy Clinic and Aura Yoga with Geri classes many years later.

The stories of these 12 women who all went through very different experiences of surgical menopause are inspiring, informative and empowering.

I wrote the chapter on the benefits of Yoga.

There is also a section dedicated to ‘what might help?’

Why not pre-order your copy now?